Rose Blossoms 12 months to 18 months:
In our classroom we are becoming independent little people. We are not only building on the skills that we have mastered in the Baby Buds classroom, but are also developing new skills every day. We are being introduced to our colors, shapes, and letters. We are learning about animals and their sounds, while exploring our world both in and outside of our classroom. Each of our little Blossoms are mastering various self help skills at their own pace and with the help of our loving teachers.

Our character building blocks for the Rose Blossoms are Generosity & Patience.

Science and Nature
  • Knows some animals
  • Can imitate animal sounds
  • Starts to explore nature
  • Plays with water
  • Enjoys smelling flowers
  • Touching leaves, pinecones
  • Learns sign language
  • Starts to say some words
  • Enjoys learning new words
  • Learns to follow directions
  • Starts to sing to music
Cognitive Development
  • Can point out objects
  • Points to some body parts
  • Enjoys doing puzzles
  • Enjoys listening to and looking at books.
  • Knows his/her name
Motor Skills
  • Holds crayons
  • Enjoys climbing, tumbling and running
  • Feeds themselves
  • Has fun kicking & rolling a ball
  • Picks up objects
Creative Sides
  • Enjoys listening to music
  • Starts to dance and sing
  • Loves to march around
  • Knows the difference from loud to soft music
  • Enjoys using crayons & paints
Self Help and Life Skills
  • Starts to put on socks
  • Helps put on hat
  • Pulls up pants
  • Enjoys feeding themselves
  • Loves looking at themselves in the mirror