Our "Learning Up" curriculum is based on the old adage "children are sponges". The more you teach, the more they want to learn. The Growing Tree's curriculum is designed around Lev Vygotsky's teaching theories in which he believes the role of the teacher in education is crucial. In developing children's abilities, teachers can guide them towards performing actions or tasks which are just beyond their current capacity. With such guidance, children can perform beyond their own ability – within certain limits. Center based classrooms enable your child to master developmentally age appropriate life skills. We afford your child the opportunity to explore their curiosities, while guiding them to learn friendliness, respect and generosity.

Come meet The Land of The Letter People in our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. The Letter People program is a research-based, classroom-tested, balanced literacy program that promotes successful reading and writing. This program is currently being utilized in the Holmdel school district.

Our excellent math program teaches number recognition, addition, subtraction, shapes and color matching, patterning, graphing, time and coins. Students are engaged through the hands on approach of our math program.

Rounding out our curriculum is the teaching of a second language, manners, self-esteem building, "anti-bullying" program, fitness fun, yoga, music and movement, and various life skills including "stranger/danger", nutrition, hygiene and friendship. Sign language, beginning in our Baby Buds room, is taught too!