Mighty Maples Kindergarten:
In our classroom we are learning with "The Land of The Letter People", which is the complete Kindergarten program. Using our letter friends the children are beginning to put words together into sentences as well as read short stories. We are working diligently on our addition and subtraction skills as well as expanding our knowledge of time and money. We are having fun writing our own short stories and beginning to learn about nouns and verbs. Our learning is endless as we explore and discuss the world we live in and our country. The children enjoy writing to the White House every year and expressing their thoughts to our government.
Our character building blocks for the Mighty Maples are Reliability & Integrity.

  • Human body
  • Space
  • Weather
  • Experiments
  • Recycling and environmental awareness
  • Learning time
  • Patterns, sorting and classifying
  • Graphing
  • Money
  • Measurements
  • Understands numbers amounts
Land of the Letter People
  • Fosters individual success
  • Supporst the Reading First initiative
  • Promotes word building, reading and writing for Kindergarten childrean
  • Site words
Social Studies and Family
  • Learns about NJ, USA and other countries
  • Learns about community
  • Understands about different cultures and families from all around the world
  • Multicultural and diversity
Creative Sides
  • Expresses themselves and develop an appreciation for music
  • Express themselves through dancing, singing, instruments and art
  • Enjoys fingerpainting and clay
Life Skills and Manners
  • Stranger danger, 911, stop, drop and roll
  • Personal hygene, hand washing and brushing teeth
  • Respects the rights of others
  • Self confidence
  • Demonstrates self-direction
Character Building Blocks
  • Teamwork
  • Tolerance
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Loyalty