Outrageous Oaks 4 to 5 years:
In our classroom we are working with the Letter People program. "Let's Begin With The Letter People" focuses on promoting phonological awareness and building alphabetic skill. Center based activities involve small groups and individual attention. They reflect developmental areas such as oral language, listening, math, science, art, drama, music and social development.
Our character building blocks for the Outrageous Oaks are Teamwork & Tolerance.

Science and Nature
  • Understands about plants, animals, water and air
  • Inquiry skills, problem solving and decision making
  • Space
  • Weather
  • Recycling
  • Retells a five sentence story in sequence using own words
  • Predicts what will happen in a story
  • Can act out a story
  • Describes pictures in three statements
Cognitive and Math
  • Counts to one hundred
  • Counts to ten in Spanish
  • Classifies objects, orders, compares and patterns
  • Understands ordinal positions first through tenth
  • Money
Fun Fitness
  • Nutrition and food groups
  • Runs, jumps and tumbles
  • Walks on balance beams
  • Throws balls, kicks balls and catches balls
Creative Sides
  • Expresses themselves and develop an appreciation for music
  • Express themselves through dancing, singing, instruments and art
Life Skills and Manners
  • Stranger danger, 911, stop, drop and roll
  • Personal hygene, hand washing and brushing teeth
  • Respects the rights of others
  • Self confidence
  • Identify and expresses feelings
Writing and Word Recognition
  • Site words
  • Verbally identifies letters by name and associates letter sound
  • Writes letters, upper and lower case
  • Uses scissors
Social Studies and Family
  • Understand where they live, town, state, address and phone number
  • Learns about neighborhood and community
  • Learns about the USA
  • Learns about other countries
Land of the Letter People
  • Introduces children to books, songs, hand on activities and writing projects that promote literacy development and comprehension