Wonderful Willows 28 months to 3 years:
In our classroom we are beginning to learn to trace and write. We are working with our letters and their sounds. Learning to sort and match using basic patterns is so much fun. We are learning about ourselves and our family and starting to recognize our names and the names of our friends. We have fun learning through exploration and play!

Our character building blocks for the Wonderful Willows are Honesty & Responsibility.

Sensory Stimulation
  • Touch different objects
  • Feel
  • Taste
  • Smells
  • Sign language
  • Names simple objects
  • Identifies self in mirror
  • Can refer to self by name
  • Starts to talk in sentences
  • Enjoys being read to
Cognitive Development
  • Learns shapes
  • Enjoys doing 5 piece puzzles
  • Identifies own gender and the gender of others
  • Can point to pictures in a book (when asked)
Fun Fitness and Motor Skills
  • Throws small objects
  • Learns how to walk up and down stairs
  • Jump, hop and run
  • Tumbles
  • Rips paper, strings beads
  • Copies circles
Creative Sides
  • Expresses themselves with fingerpainting, water colors and crayons
  • Enjoys music, dancing, singing, and marching
  • Tears paper, makes collages
  • Uses instruments
Self Help and Life Skills
  • Learns to feed themselves
  • Washing hands
  • Germs
  • Strangers
  • Snapping, zipping, puts on jackets
  • Helps put things away
Science and Nature
  • Knows animals by name
  • Understands cause and effect
  • Likes to explore nature
  • Can match babies and mommy animals
  • Enjoys and participates in simple science experiments